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What Our Members Say

Endeavor has a lot of wonderful teachers that all truly care about the progress and safety of their students. They create a positive training environment and put a lot of effort into teaching a curriculum that gives students the tools they need for self-defense and competitive martial arts. They’re also cool people! I’d recommend anyone interested in

Self defense or Brazilian jiu-jitsu training endeavor for sure.

Joe Z

Endeavor is the place I chose when I was ready to put in the work to make myself better. I’m a woman working my way through the self defense program, and I can tell you definitively that I am psychologically and physically stronger than I was before. Endeavor offers a space for that development to take place.

What you will find here are some of the values I personally cherish, which are open-mindedness and integrity. The people here are kind, willing to meet you where you are at, and progress in a way that is good for you, as opposed to being held to some generic standard, or someone else’s.

Each individual brings their unique selves to the mats to share that space with common cause. I truly love being and training at Endeavor.

Joss B

This October will mark three years for me as a member at Endeavor. Here I have found a community of dedicated people working hard to be the best they can be and having fun doing it. The instructors are true fitness experts and will help you establish goals, meet them, and then put them in the rear-view. They truly want to see people succeed. I love this place and these people.

Sign up for a TRIAL class and don’t look back. It probably won’t kill you.

Scott L

I’ve been coming to Endeavor for two years and I absolutely love this gym!  No matter what the workout, I always leave the gym feeling better than when I came in!  The workouts are great for ALL skill levels, but it is the amazing people and coaches, and all their positive energy, that make Endeavor special!  The coaches are very attentive and supportive during the workouts, and they care about helping you succeed with your short and long term goals.  Endeavor is a wonderful gym and community!

Kate F

Since starting the Fitness side of Endeavor in late June, I have made so much progress in a short amount of time. This is a testament to the programming and atmosphere of this gym. I feel stronger than I have in quite a while. Being a former college athlete, I love the hard working and encouraging environment that the other members and staff have created. The coaches are very engaged and always provide constructive feedback to help you become a better athlete. Everyone has been so welcoming and this gym truly feels like a family. I am so glad to be a part of this amazing community!

Ariel C